Panglică bogată de mijloc și rishta. fotografii gratuite exclusiv | Piqsels

panglică bogată de mijloc și rishta
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Give back t heir lands,u cant,give back t heir loved ones,U cant Give karggeras back his heart,speak u fucking Cunty. THe King religion.

Bucataria pentru toti

What a latin doesnt understand…if ure going on a pire in purgatory, why would u whant to leave behind a beutiFOOL poetry? Todos son Santos…. Lets Beigin: All U panglică bogată de mijloc și rishta to do is adapt to slave morality, beg for food,kiss ashh for druqsz,pretend ure haapy in the company of zeelots…and if u are ever hurt or abusesd…all u have to do… is apollogyaze.

Turnati apoi ambele conserve de rosii, dati in clocot, puneti apoi smantana, reduceti focul la minim si fierbeti cam 15 minute. Mixati apoi amestecul intr-un blender, asezonati cu sare si piper, puneti in boluri si turnati deasupra fiecaruia sos Pesto.

I love Jesus : Shaitan himself… Pazuzu blowed air…. Gigantik Aristotel?

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Kayne west rules the Vatican : dei didnt defeand themselfs onece in n years. Remeber the track i made in Caligulas Myst…?

panglică bogată de mijloc și rishta parasitic helminths glycans

Leo lore…?!?!?! I think will need u after we geth things a liitle more structure…bceouse i think. Is Apollo…dont say A word. Fuck u George!

panglică bogată de mijloc și rishta

U pray To Learn Poetry. Fuck U Gloria : …what would i talk about? The cavalera Conspiracy : After the Subscape rape in new years eve….

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To show her whos Boss…: Phellt super coward…like mrs Wasp ealier…all the rage burnning inside… i cant fight a Cretin,…ill become One! U were milking my Goth……….??!?!?!?!??

Sadlley…we had to retard this. The way!

Thats Heike? Thats exactley how dei see YOU: thats how i did!

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AvramGeorge – Pagină 4 – De ce bal Inhaitat?

IEi este ei. BiBlia a scriso romanul…romanul este roman. Hip hopul romanesc a reinviat.